Child Health Assessment

Child development or behaviour concerns

If you or a professional have concerns about your childs development or behaviour then they maybe suitable for referral to the PATCH meeting. The meeting is attended by Paediatricians (Children’s doctors) & may also be attended by other professionals who may know your child, such as the Health Visitor, School Nurse, Therapists etc

The aim of the meeting is to prioritise an individual child’s health needs & advise on an appropriate course of action

Referral Criteria 

  1. Concerns about your child’s development (especially below the age of 7 years)

  2. Pervasive concerns about features of possible autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children up to the age of 5 years. Please note:

    • Referrals will only be accepted up until the 31st August following the child’s 5th birthday

    • Must provide evidence that problem behaviours occur across at least 2 different settings

  3. Pervasive concerns about features of possible autism spectrum disorder in children over the age of 5 years, if your child has one of following histories:

    • Ex-premature infants (< 34 weeks) or those with significant neonatal disease\

    • Genetic syndromes such as Down syndrome, Prader Willi syndrome etc

    • A significant degree of learning impairment

    • Visual or hearing impairments

    • Neuro-muscular disorders, such as Duchenne’s Muscular dystrophy, Cerebral palsy

  4. Children with complex needs who live in, or have transferred in to the patch and need ongoing follow up

  5. Vulnerable children with significant health needs

  6. Children born under 30 weeks gestation who require a developmental assessment at 48 months



Unfortunately referrals cannot be accepted in the following circumstances:

  1. Children with general behavioural difficulties - Please visit Family Support Services, Barnardos Specialist Parenting; or school should refer to behaviour support services e.g. Primary Behaviour Support.

  2. Re-assessment of children with previously identified difficulties, unless a significant change can be evidenced

  3. Re-assessment of children who already have a named neuro-developmental diagnosis & whose behaviours are expected from that diagnosis. Please see support services e.g. National Autistic Society, Autism Hampshire, Parent Voice; or school should involve relevant support services e.g. Maple Ridge Outreach

  4. For assessment for possible ADHD. Please refer to CAMHS

  5. Children diagnosed in another area with conditions, including ADHD, who may be on medication. Please refer to CAMHS

  6. Autistic Spectrum Disorder assessments for children who are already been accepted for assessment by another service

  7. Autistic Spectrum Disorder assessments in children above 5 years without additional medical issues. Please refer to CAMHS